Best Of Cambridge TV News

A compilation of the Cambridge TV News highlights. Thanks for watching!


  1. Thanks for the coverage of us. You will be missed

  2. Had a look at Cambridge TV for first time over Xmas. The news is quite good but the presentation amateurish. Sound is very poor on outside interviews, people need to be miked up, far too much traffic & background noise. Its obvious that amateur equipment is being used.
    One of the most irritating things is the adverts, the same ones over & over again, also programmes are repeated often immediately following each other.

  3. The news bulletins are well out of date, you are still showing the Royal Mail sorting pre Christmas mail. You really need to keep up to date with news items.

    • Hi John – that was the last Cambridge TV News. Since 1st Dec, the channel 7 news for Cambridge has been produced by That’s Cambridge ( It’s not available online yet, but I understand that it’s in the works.

  4. Carl I had some training with you before in 2015 just after university. I had an interview with your partner a few weeks later for a volunteer position as a camera crew member. Although your partner turned me down for the position I feel that I took on board what he said and learnt from it and would like to be involved with Cambridge TV again as I know that I have a wealth of ideas that will contribute to the ethnic minority groups within Cambridge which I feel are sidetracked or put at the back of the queue. I hope I can get another chance to be a part of your team going forward. Would be great to hear from you even if you don’t think it’s worth giving me a chance to make my dreams come true. By the way you are doing a great job as more and more people in my erea are tuning to Cambridge TV.

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