Elemental Ideas – Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy Part One

Elemental Ideas looks into Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy
Part two can be found here: www.cambridge-tv.co.uk/elemental-ideas-cervical-spondylotic-myelopathy-part-two/
For more information on the condition: www.myelopathy.org


  1. I have had this condition undiagnosed and diagnosed for at least 14 years. Never before have I heard such good descriptions of the varying symptoms as those given by your contributors who have this problem too. Your researchers also made the known clinical issues so clear and accessible as did the researcher outlining the challenges.
    I have had two anterior disc compression operations but, unfortunately, have continued to get worse at an irregular pace. The last diagnosis being degenerative myelomalacia with no clear prognosis and no further intervention possible.
    It is a scary place to be but fortunately one of my problems is a lack of pain sensation while I know other people experience severe chronic pain.
    The clarity of your video and explanations therein have been incredibly reassuring – reminding me of the physical mechanisms behind the many symptoms. This may seem strange but when your hands/arms cramp, or the muscles in your legs become so tight you can barely walk at the pace of a snail, or the cup you were happily drimking coffee out of is suddenly too heavy to lift, I do need reassurance. Reassurance that it is something beyond my immediate control and that I am not memtally or emotionally comtributing to it in some way or other.
    I will certainly be using the video to help explain what is wrong with me to other people who want to know. It is a very difficult disease to explain not least as many of the symptoms sound, and are, quite bizarre.

    • Elizabeth Roberts, Cambridge TV Science Team

      Hi Delphine, I am extremely pleased to read your positive comments about the show – many thanks. I do hope that you will watch part 2, which will also be available on the website within the next few days. The myelopathy.org website, created by Dr Mark Kotter and colleagues, gives a great deal of valuable support and information, and will allow you to participate in the survey and join the patient forum.
      My very best wishes, Elizabeth

  2. Finally, a correct description of CSM. . Been suffering a long time. Thank you for the videos….I found them helpful especially for people that don’t understand.

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