Elemental Ideas – Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy Part Two

Elemental Ideas looks into Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy.
If you missed part one you can find it here: www.cambridge-tv.co.uk/elemental-ideas-cervical-spondylotic-myelopathy-part-one/

For more information on the condition: www.myelopathy.org


  1. Dr.Cotter, I am a CSM 18 month post-op ACDF c456, with myelomalacia at C5.
    Question, will you be including Meylomacia in your studies of CSM? I’m in you patient database. I’ve not been asked about that.
    Kind regards from Chicago, US.

    • Many thanks for viewing this programme and for your support of http://www.myelopathy.org.
      As you know, clinical trials need to be very focussed and have very strict inclusion criteria in order to have any chance. The RECEDE Myelopathy trial will initially be limited to very few study sites in the UK. Moreover, at the first instance, it will entail investigating individuals that undergo surgery at the time of the trial. It will take another 9 months or so before it can start and we will announce the details on http://www.myelopathy.org when we are closer to starting the trial.
      With best wishes
      Mark Kotter

  2. Another brilliant programme to accompany Part 1. So pleased to hear about potential charity/support and app initiatives. Having had two acdfs and still progressing symptoms, just hearing other people’s stories plus updates from the clinical/research teams is just so illuminating and reassuring. Symptoms can be so variable and “strange” that explaining them to other people can be difficult. These films bridge that huge gap. I’m sorry to hear so many people with this disease experience so much pain. Although I do get aches and some pain, my key problem tends to be lack of pain and sensation which means I am unaware or very slow to respond to injuries and everyday bodily sensations.
    Thank you to everyone involved in these films and research for your hard work.

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