Elemental Ideas

Elemental Ideas is Cambridge TV’s science magazine programme. We’ve produced more than 50 programmes since August 2015, covering research topics including string theory, diabetes, exoplanets, vulcanology, epigenetics and the wildlife of New Zealand.

Work With Us

Elemental Ideas operates as a production company specialising in science and technology.

Our team works with scientists and clinicians to effectively communicate their research to the targeted audience.

We collaborate with researchers to help translate their findings into a meaningful narrative tailored to the desired level of scientific complexity.

Our experienced creatives and technicians then use this narrative to conduct interviews, record narration, film experiments and demonstrations, and create animated graphics to tell the story in the most innovative and compelling way.

Contact us at science@cambridge-tv.co.uk

The Team

Elizabeth studied physiology, pharmacology and neuroscience at Oxford and Edinburgh universities. During her 15 years of work in scientific publishing, she developed a passion for the clear communication of scientific concepts to a broad audience. Disseminating fascinating story lines of research is her particular strength. She has collaborated with many groups of people throughout her career, including neurological patients, school children, teachers/lecturers, and healthcare professionals. Her experience in publishing has fine-tuned her scriptwriting and communication skills. Elizabeth loves the natural world, and she can often be found in a botanic garden, bird hide or beach hut with her family.

Kerstin recently completed her PhD in Physics at the University of Cambridge, where she was working on DNA origami. When she is not in the lab, Kerstin enjoys sharing her passion for science, through public lectures, live-experiments, summer schools, writing, film and radio – or just through an informal chat. She has worked with the Naked Scientists, has given over 100 hours of science lectures for the Cambridge Admissions office, and has spoken at Fame Lab and TEDx CambridgeUniversity. Kerstin likes acrobatics, climbing and experimenting with new recipes from around the world.

Aaron is a creative and technically proficient Editor and Producer with over 20 years of experience working on various factual programmes for broadcasters such as ITN and Discovery Channel. He has a good grasp of the structure of storytelling needed for effective science communication and a passion for all aspects of science and technology. Through his work as series producer on Elemental Ideas, Aaron has gained experience of translating complex scientific concepts into accessible documentaries. When not making films he enjoys swimming, cooking and quiz shows.

Sue has been a science writer specialising in the biotech and life sciences industries since 2001. She writes articles, press releases and video/podcast scripts for international firms including Cisbio Bioassays, F-Star and Sartorius. Sue also writes regularly for Genetic Engineering News covering cell therapies, bioprocess and laboratory automation. During this time, she has written over 400 press releases and more than 100 articles, providing her with an excellent insight into how to interview scientists and engineers to help them explain the heart of their research to different audiences. In her spare time, Sue can be found walking in the countryside with her family, jive dancing or appearing on TV quizzes.