Our mission is to make intelligent, exciting TV for bright, curious people all over the world. Can you help us?

 We want to hear from you if you can contribute to our shows:

  • We maintain a list of experts in all fields who are willing to appear on TV to discuss stories relating to their specialism
  • We invite contributions of show ideas online casino
    from anyone with access to great stories
  • We want to maintain and expand our relationships with local institutions and businesses – our goal is to positively promote all areas of endeavour in Cambridge

Register your willingness in appear on Cambridge TV

What do contributors do?

  • Appear in the studio to comment on national and local news items
  • Take part in location filming for magazine items, news stories and documentary pieces
  • Participate in studio panel discussions and debates
  • Contact us with information about interesting stories to cover
  • Produce Cambridge Voices thought pieces – short studio or location based items expressing an opinion on the area of expertise, or introducing audiences to new ideas or information

To be added to our contact register, please send us the following information, using our Contact Form:

  • Name, job and business or institution
  • Areas of expertise (main and secondary)
  • Issues close to your heart; topics you’d like to be contacted about when they’re being covered
  • General guide to availability: are you usually in Cambridge? Able to film during office hours? Just evenings & weekends?
  • Contact details