Our mission is to make intelligent, exciting TV for bright, curious people all over the world. Can you help us?

 If you’re a local producer, we’d love to hear from you

  • We invite contributions of shows from anyone with great content
  • We can offer help, resources, studio time and occasionally crew
  • We’re developing a local market for commercial production, and are keen to help producers find funding and sponsorship for their passion projects

Creating shows for Cambridge TV

Opportunities include:

  • Format piloting – pilot on local TV, keep the rights and sell to national broadcasters
  • Corporate clients & infomercials – see Commercial Production below
  • Sponsored shows

There are two types of production where Cambridge TV can help you to sell your production services to businesses, producing content that can be shown on television. We’re happy to help you make sales to your clients if it results in content for the channel.

Syndication possibilities with other local TV channels
We have syndication arrangements with the other UK local TV channels (16 live now, rising to 30 by 2016), as well as a wide reach on the internet. For more information about other local TV channels, see the Local TV Network website.

Funding a TV show for use on Cambridge TV

Having a channel of distribution for your programme is essential for securing funding and contributors. Use Cambridge TV as a sales tool to fund production of your passion project.

Sponsored programmes:

  • You have a source of great content for a 3 or 12 minute magazine item, or a whole 24 or 48 minute show. Using Cambridge TV as a sales tool, you can have a business client or funding application cover your production costs, and we will show the programme without taking a cut
  • The only constraint for sponsored shows is that the sponsor may not appear or be promoted in the show (though they can buy out each entire ad break in the show), so it’s best to find a sponsor who’s not too directly related to the subject matter, e.g. a health food supplier rather than a gym to sponsor a fitness show. We can provide guidelines based on Ofcom regulations.

Commercial production

For an overview of our commercial offerings to business, see our Advertising & Sponsorship page.


  • Short form ads – Cambridge TV sells 30-second advert slots. Perhaps an existing corporate client of yours is interested in having you make their ad.
  • Long form advertorial – Cambridge TV is permitted by Ofcom to run clearly marked advertorials. This could range from 15 minute infomercials based on re-editing content that you may already shoot for your client’s website, to 24 or 48 minute “teleshopping – craft and hobby demo shows, involving ads for hobby products are particularly popular
  • Your client pays you for the production, and pays Cambridge TV for running the ad