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Andy Lake and Christian Smith wrote Humble Pie whilst at the University of York. It is based on their true experiences, having known each other for years before deciding to apply and attend university together. Whilst studying, they filmed the pilot episode with the student TV station – which was then nominated for a National Student Television Award.

After graduating, the pair teamed up with Cambridge TV and Bumbershoot Productions to film the entire series and Christmas Special. The show has received praise from BBC Comedy, industry professionals and local newspapers, proudly labelling Humble Pie a “success”. It now boasts over 40,000 hits on YouTube.


Twitter: @AndyTLake @ChristianDSmith

HP writers

Christian Smith and Andy Lake, the writers of Humble Pie

Series Brief

Zak and Sam have known each other since primary school. Now they are off to university. How will the two friends cope when faced with the bizarre and often embarrassing challenges of growing up away from home? Featuring a brilliant soundtrack written by Cambridge’s finest unsigned artists, Humble Pie is an uplifting romantic sitcom, a love letter to youthful exuberance that proves once and for all that none of us are ready for real life.

The stellar cast includes Andy Lake, Christian Smith, Josie Catherine, Kate Burke and Nick Armfield.


Episode 1:

The students make their way to the University of Cambridge.

Episode 2:

Sam is desperate to prove himself now he’s away from home, while Zak thinks he has found “the one”.

Episode 3:

Struggling to get over Katie, Zak goes for a dip in The Cam. Meanwhile, Sam holds auditions for Romeo & Juliet.

Episode 4:

The students all get invited to a party, where the cracks start to show between Katie and Craig.

Episode 5:

Rehearsals for Romeo & Juliet are now in full swing, especially when Craig takes a swing at Zak.

Episode 6:

Sam’s production of Romeo & Juliet is tonight, and the nerves are getting the better of Zak.

Behind the scenes of Humble Pie

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