Law Matters Ep13 – International Trade Law

Jenifer Varzaly is joined on Law Matters by Professor Jeffrey Wool, Professor of Law at Washington University, to explore international trade law and important developments in global business regulation. Visit the show’s page to comment and share:


  1. It’s fascinating to see what goes on at the international level regarding finance and trade, particularly given the global nature of industries such as aviation. Few non-lawyers would have much knowledge of the way large movable assets are dealt with- I’m glad to count myself among those now!

  2. Hey Jennifer,

    Thank you all for this show. A complicated and fascinating highly relevant topic in such a short amount of space.
    I am always deeply saddened that such discussions do not involve the greater question of sustainability and how we can have international trade agreements such as the TPP that on one hand help the economy and nations and at the same time protect our most valuable assets for the future> our Ecosphere and environment

    Ingo Weber

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