Monetising the Environment: Episode 1

Monetising the Environment: Episode 1

This video contains some strong language.

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  1. Will the subsequent parts of the exchange be uploaded?

    • Another two parts will be uploaded after they’re broadcast at 8.30pm on the next two Wednesday evenings.

      • As the programme’s producer, I welcome responses to the debate. Please post here any thoughts or comments. I was initially sceptical of Tony Juniper’s argument, but he persuaded me of the relevance of bringing the natural world into the economic equation as we live in such a society dominated by economics, though I stand by George Monbiot’s urgent call to hold nature sacred too.

        The last part of the 3 will be aired tonight (16/12/2015), and then available here online and over at the New Networks for nature site too, shortly:

        See also journalist/author Mike Mccarthy’s response to the debate in ‘The Independent’:

        Nature Studies: Is it possible to put a price on nature? And if we can, should we?
        by Michael McCarthy in The Independent

  2. When will ep. 2 & 3 be available?

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