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Reaching your market with Cambridge TV


What can Cambridge TV offer your Business?


Television is one of the most responsive and effective ways to engage with a local audience.
Cambridge TV offers a unique opportunity to connect with a well-educated demographic, with a higher than usual level of disposable income.
We’re creating television that makes you think, highlighting the best in Cambridge arts, science, business and culture for bright, curious viewers locally and around the world.
Recent contributors to our content include Mike Newell (director of Harry Potter & Four Weddings), Peter Mandelson (Labour politician) and the Duke of York to name a few.

We are a media partner in major local events, such as

  • Cambridge 105FM NMG Awards
  • Lodestar Festival
  • Cambridge Comedy Festival
  • Strawberry Fair

Since launching in August 2015 we have achieved a substantial following and can offer your business potential access of up to 100,000 households with this unique customer demographic.
Based on our recent survey, we estimate that 72,000 people in the Cambridge area tune in each week.

Get noticed on Cambridge TV with advertising packages from just £275/month

In the short time we’ve been on air, we’ve also built a strong online presence, offering a global audience the chance to view all our programming.

Online stats based on Jan/Feb 2016 data:

21,000 uniques visitors to per month
33,000 Facebook impressions per month
73,000 Twitter impressions per month

About our viewers:

78% watch us on broadcast TV
40% watch us online
Viewers are fairly evenly split male/female
62% of respondents have a degree. 28% also have a post-grad qualification

This increasing online activity means that your ad is not just local.
Our national and international coverage is expanding daily.

Why choose TV advertising to promote your business?

Research shows that TV advertising is the best profit generator, giving the highest return on investment:

Tv is the most likely medium to general advertising that is talked about:

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In February 2016, after broadcasting for six months, we surveyed people living in the Cambridge area to find out more about our audience. With 400 responses we managed to gauge the age of our audience, the type of programmes they liked and the times they watch.

The profile and preferences of our audience: what you need to know

Age of our audience:

Time of day watching Cambridge TV:

Preferred programme genres on Cambridge TV:

You advertise to generate exposure for your product or service and being talked about makes the best of your marketing spend.


 TV is a multiplier of other awareness building channels

TV to radio is the strongest and can be >100%

TV to press and OOH can be up to 50%


Branded search is 33 more responsive to TV in 2011-2014

TV to generic search on average +5% shift in conversion per 100 TVRs


 TV helps drive significantly greater promotional effectiveness

Observed multiplier effects up to 100%

Research says that people aged over 15 spend 25 minutes a day using the internet while watching TV.

This means that your audience has the potential to react rapidly to advertising by visiting websites and using social media channels.

The benefits of Local TV

The great advantage of local television is that it allows your business to strategically target customers in your area.
Each local TV channel has their own unique demographics, which means they can be highly targeted and therefore more effective.

You can see the potential of TV advertising, so what are the options?

Cambridge TV advertising is relevant for large corporations wanting to tap into the unique Cambridge market, as well as being within the reach of even the smallest business.
There are a range of opportunities for advertising & sponsorship, some of which include:

  • Sponsor a show
  • Ad breaks in sponsored show
  • Sponsored daily segments, e.g. weather, traffic, business news

Contact us for a bespoke quote to fit your needs. Programme sponsorship prices can start from as little as £950/month. That’s less than a full page ad in some traditional media. We also offer a range of video slide advertising integrated with digital marketing with prices starting at under £100 a month.

Getting started is easier than you might think…

We can help you plan and schedule your campaign and if you need help creating an ad, we can arrange that too!

Pricing Details

  • Flat rate = £5 per 30 second spot
  • Local Business deal: Starting at £275 per month for 100×30 sec ads spread across the daytime schedule (7am-midnight)
  • Make your own ad from as little as £295
  • All prices +VAT

To discuss your specific requirements please get in touch.

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