Wipe Waste

Anglian Water has put out a public appeal not to flush wipes labelled as ‘flushable’ down the toilet, in a bid to avoid sewage blockages.

Here’s the full statement from Kimberly Clark below:
“Kimberly-Clark shares the water industry’s concerns about sewers, pipes and toilet blockages, however we know that this is a complex issue.

We are aware that some water organisations want to connect flushable wipes to problems regarding waste on beaches and clogs in sewer systems. Field studies show that more than 95% of the blockages were caused by something other than flushable wipes. The most frequently found items were non-flushable paper towels, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, and household wipes – all of which are not designed to be flushed.

We stand by our claims of flushability. When used responsibly (1-2 sheets at a time), Andrex Washlets®, which are made from 100% natural fibres just like toilet paper, do not block properly maintained sewage systems. This is clearly marked on all packaging and on our website.

As part of the extensive research and development we put into Andrex Washlets®, we have thoroughly tested them to ensure that, as they pass through moving water in the sewer or local disposal system (septic tanks), they lose their strength and break down. The Flushability Guidelines that Andrex Washlets® follow are published by INDA and EDANA, the global nonwovens trade associations. These associations have spent more than 10 years working on assessment test methods and guidance documents that we follow to ensure that our flushable wipes are compatible with the sewer network. In addition, we carry out our own rigorous product testing.”

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